June DGJG D9700 Newsletter

G ‘day 

The DGJG Newsletter is attached please enjoy and do not forget to look at attending the New Zealand Australian Conference in Christchurch from Friday to Sunday September 2019.

Plenty of good information in the June Newsletter.

Enjoy the fellowship of your upcoming change over dinners and we all look forward to working with DG John McKenzie in 2019-2020 as we connect with the world.   

DGJG May Newsletter


Well April came and went so fast. May is well under way and we look forward to the D9700 Learning and Training Assembly on Sunday May 26th at 9.30am. Venue the Grenfell High School. Please make sure that ALL your Directors attend this important part of our calendar. DGE John McKenzie looks forward to meeting you all in Grenfell. John will outline his plans for his team and you for 2019-2020. Membership is slipping for 2018-2019, we will be below 1,000 on July 1st unless we look at a serious push to increase our numbers. We all know that if we do not find more members to join us how much less that we can do for our communities and our Foundation. 

We still have 6-7 weeks to go so let us finish the year in a good state for our continued growth in 2019-2020. Changeover dinners are well under way and the majority of our clubs are set for their dinner or luncheon. The past month has been a busy one for most of us on committees, especially the Transition Management Team for our merger and the combined Drought Relief Committee of D9700 and D9705. Reports follow in this newsletter.    

The newsletter is can be found here. DGJG May Newsletter

Continue to Be Inspired and To Inspire those around you. DG John Glassford  


G ‘ day

 My sincere apologies for missing last month’s DG news.  I do have a good alibi though called the Griffith 2019 Conference.  A full report in pictorial form can be found by clicking on the link in our club runner D9700 web site.  I have also included some comments from a few of the delegates to Griffith 2019.  322 delegates came to Griffith which is 80 more than the average of the past three conferences.  That is a 34% increase in attendance which we hope will help with the next D9700 conference, our last one as D9700, in Temora with DG John McKenzie and his team. 

DGJG March/April Newsletter

We still have two and a half months left for 2018-2019 to be The Inspiration!!!!  We have lost 12 members from July 1st 2018, to the present time.   Let us get active and inspire others to join this fabulous organisation we call Rotary.  It will not be long before we are less than 1,000 members (1,008 at present count).  Let’s together aim to improve our numbers so that we leave the District in a better shape than we started number wise. 

So plenty to do ahead of us, one area I would like to look at starting is a Rotary Means Business Fellowship.  Those who may want to join us here in this fellowship please give me a call or email me.  Keep being the inspiration as you prepare to hand over to the incoming President and Directors.  We look forward to seeing all of you who are involved in the District Assembly in Grenfell on May 25th. 

Yours in Rotary 


G ‘ day

Apologies for not getting this newsletter out sooner.  We have been very busy preparing the Polio PARADE and Conference Griffith 2019 plus the Rotary Showcase on the 30th March in conjunction with Griffith 2019.

 February 1st DGJG Newsletter 08-18-19 (3)

We have now met with most of the Assistant Governors and D9700 Presidents and I have been buoyed by the response to our plans.

The route for the Polio PARADE can be seen on page 9 of this newsletter.  It has been changed and now reflects the club responsible for each leg.  Please take time to look at this page and get back to me with any concerns.

The Griffith 2019 Conference is on track to give all of you a break from the drought, floods and fires we aim to have fun at the same time learn a lot about Rotary and how Rotarians serve their communities.

The Australian Army Band Kapooka is confirmed for the Saturday night and the great Charleston dance off!  Start training and let us have a great evening celebrating our friendship and make it a memorable night in Griffith.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me at any time with any ideas or concerns.

Yours in Rotary

DG John Glassford

22 Moore Street


Governor 2018-2019 D9700

PP Coolamon Rotary Club

PAST CHAIR RAG Endangered Species

0498 190 880



***Graphics by Rtn. Debbie Vance BC CANADA

Click here for the: December 1st DGJG Newsletter 05-18 

December 1st 2018

G ‘day

Trust that you are all well and looking forward to the Christmas & New Year holidays.  Time for family and friends as family always comes first and above all time for us to regenerate for the work that we enjoy doing in Rotary.

We have work to do ahead of us even though so much happened in November.  Our clubs are doing some wonderful and inspirational work.

One highlight for me and for all of us, was a special recognition of service to our organisation that took place on November the 6th in Junee.  PP Bob Teese has been a loyal member of Rotary for 50 years! Bob was a member with Lockhart Rotary for 46 years and moved to Wagga Wagga 4 years ago now. Bob joined the RC of Junee where he has continued with his wonderful service.  That’s inspiration!

The DG club visits are over now and we can get to work with our goals as a team.  In particular the Polio PARADE as we have so named it.  PP Paul Murray is doing a great job with the web site for the bike relay around D9700 in March 2019.  It is live now: Polio PARADE 2019.

Griffith 2019 Conference Host Organising Committee under the chair of PP Ross Grillo and the other committees in Griffith and Yenda, are well advanced with the plans for Griffith 2019.  Once again PP Paul Murray is creating a very friendly user registration page for Griffith 2019.  It will be live very soon and can be seen here:  Griffith 2019.

The programme we have planned for you all is looking good and attainable.  The speakers are all but confirmed and you will all receive their biographies in due course.  We are now filling in the details with plenty of fun, music, laughter and good times planned.  It is my personal desire that this conference will provide you with a good reason to get away from the normal day to day living and to be inspired.

Our new District 9705 is only 19 months away and we need you!  In this newsletter there is a story on the need for the appointment of a Governor for 2021-2022 and 6 Area Governors of which 3 will come from our old D9700 in geographical terms.  Please start tapping those on their shoulders whom you know would step up and be nominated.

I am now calling on all of you to work with us and make the rest of our Rotary year one to be remembered and one that sets up a good foundation for our incoming leaders with DGE John McKenzie at the helm.

Two requests please:

  1. Those not sending me your bulletins please do so as it is a great way to follow your progress.
  2. Need more stories on new members with photos please.

At the start of 2018-2019, I set some high goals.  Not all will be achieved in the remaining 7 months.  However the Legacy Australia time capsule is still one of my goals, as is the start of a chapter of the fellowship Rotary Means Business.  I will pursue these after Griffith 2019.

Which reminds me, you pay for our conferences each and every year that you are a paid up member of D9700.  Around $26 this year of your district fees go towards the core costs of the conference.  That is why there is no entry fee, unlike many other district and international conferences.

Enjoy the month of December especially Christmas and family time.

DG John Glassford

Governor 2018-2019 D9700

0498 190 880  Email: [email protected]



***Graphics by Rtn. Debbie Vance BC CANADA


November 1st 2018

G ‘day

Well October was hectic.  Now the official DG club visits are all but completed I can concentrate on the Polio Plus Bike Relay around our D9700.  The bike ride will herald the opening of the Griffith 2019 Conference.

There is plenty of news this month from around our District 9700 and beyond.  I have done my best to include all the stories sent to me.  I am particularly interested in new members so send me the induction photos and a name or names of our new members and I promise to publish them here.

November DGJG Newsletter 04-18

The drought is taking up plenty of time, as it should be.  There are so many different ideas but above all I trust the clubs on the ground to respond and ask for help if they need it.

This Rotary month is our Foundation Month.  So get behind DRFC PDG David Kennedy and see where you can help us achieve our goals this year.  Please respond to David’s call for your own club Foundation goals for 2018-2019.

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful and generous hospitality.  I WILL BE BACK!

DG John Glassford

Governor 2018-2019 D9700

0498 190 880  Email: [email protected]



At our 2019 convention, Rotary members become insiders — the first to discover the latest news, along with the ideas and strategies that drive Rotary.

Whether it’s a chance meeting at the House of Friendship that leads to a new project partner, or a speaker who inspires you to take action, you’ll find plenty of excitement around you. Explore new cultures and fresh perspectives by taking part in preconvention meetings, unofficial affiliated events, and Rotary- and host-ticketed activities.

*Ideas that make an impact*
Interact with people whose ideas are transforming lives. Discover insightful perspectives from world-renowned speakers, engage in stimulating breakout sessions, and explore innovative solutions to community problems at the House of Friendship.

*Relationships that last a lifetime*
Whether you’ve just joined Rotary or you’re an experienced member, our annual convention is an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in diverse cultures and develop rich relationships. Connect with influential peers from across the globe and deepen your friendships with members who share your desire for meaningful action.

*Knowledge that strengthens your community*
The opportunities for learning are endless. You’ll hear about new approaches and strategies for successful projects, uncover ways to attract and engage members in your area, and bring home a renewed passion that will inspire your club members.

*Fun that you’ll never forget*
The Host Organization Committee is busy planning unforgettable activities and events for the entire Rotary family.


D9700 RI Convention Convenor DG John Glassford: 0498 190 880 or email [email protected]

N.B. So far only two from D9700 have registered for Hamburg 2019.



President Bill Murphy and his team conducted a wonderful and meaningful World Peace Day in Cowra.  Susan and I attended the 2018 World Peace Day Dinner in the company of Mayor Bill West and Deputy Mayor Judy Smith from Cowra Council.

Guest speaker was Dr Patricia Garcia AO from United Nations Association of AUSTRALIA AND THE National Programme Manager for UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Representing the D9700 Peace Communities Committee were Deidre and Phillip Tome.

The highlight of the evening was the three young ladies who gave a talk on “My Path to Peace” a culmination of the proceedings during the day following the dinner.

Lucy Jones who had spent 12 months in Japan as a Cowra Peace Exchange Student, Jemma Pokoney on 7 million pathways to Peace and Kate Price on how politics play an essential role in keeping the peace.  The Chair of the proceedings was Ian Brown who did a splendid job.

The eventual winner of the Youth Public Speaking forum was Jemma Pokoney below:


Several of us from D9700 attended the 2018 Australia New Zealand Conference held in Hobart.  Also as part of the events was the Governor Elect Training Seminar (GETS) attended by DGE John McKenzie and Fayah McKenzie.

Also representing D9700 were DG John and Susan Glassford, PDG George and Carol Weston, PDG John and Maria Egan, PDG Irene and Terry Jones, PP Deidre and PP Phillip Tome, PP Clare Lawlor.

There was so much to see and do and above all learn.  The Governor Train or G’ Train as it is known get down a few days earlier for the GETS training.  The DGs and partners get together in their class years and on a separate night the D9700 delegates have dinner.  Next year the Australian New Zealand Conference is in Christchurch and everyone is welcome.

Above left to Right: Some of us came via the Spirit of Tasmania and most stayed on the Hobart waterfront it also snowed on Mount Wellington. DGJG with DG Lorraine Coffey from Armidale NSW and Evan Burrell.  The D9700 and D9710 combined dinner to welcome in District 9705.  The haka done by the Kiwi 2018-2019 DGs and not to be outdone PDG George Weston working his many computers!




Congratulations to Emma Kable as she was inducted into the Rotary Club of Orange by her Father, Scott Kable, and President Clivia Frieden. Welcome to Rotary, Emma.



President David Dean welcomes new Rotarian Fiona Kibble (Classification Government Agency – Justice with IPP Monique Owen


Above DGJG with Mrs Ruth Aubin (widow of PDG Jack Aubin 88-89) and the newest member of Bathurst Rotary Club Sharyn Semmens.  President Dee Stewart inducted Sharyn during the DG Visit.  Welcome Sharyn and well done Bathurst RC!


I look forward to many more photos and getting to know our new members.  So would you all make sure that any inductions of new members are covered and sent to me for inclusion in the DG’s monthly newsletter?



Another amazing result from the Rotary Club of Wollundry Wagga.  Over 2,500 riders have raised more than $170,000 for local charity by simply registering for a beer and cider festival.  Then they had fun and the Dirty 130 was a huge success.

The Gears and Beers Festival, run by Wollundry Rotary was in Full Swing over the last weekend! Riders are greeted by the bushfire brigades as they do 130Km on mainly dirt roads! They do not call it the Dirty 130 for nothing!!



RI President Barry Rassin and Esther Rassin in Chandigarh India which is the City of Peace.  Rotary erected this beautiful monument to Peace

Every Thursday morning, I receive an email from the World Health Organization with an update on the status of polio eradication. It contains a wealth of information, country by country: where and how immunization campaigns are being conducted, how many millions of children are being vaccinated, and where environmental surveillance has found evidence of circulating virus. But every week, when that email appears in my inbox, my heart seems to stop for just a moment until I read the first few lines – and learn whether a child was paralysed by wild poliovirus that week.

That, my friends, is where we are today in the work of polio eradication. The question on my mind as I open that message isn’t how many thousands of cases we might see in a year, as we did not too long ago, or even how many hundreds. Instead, when that WHO email arrives every Thursday, the single, binary question it answers is: Was there a new case this week, or wasn’t there?

Thirty years ago, 1,000 children were paralysed by polio every single day. Since then, we’ve marked our progress, year by year, week by week. We’ve celebrated as country after country, region after region has been declared polio-free. As we’ve come closer and closer to our goal, and the number of cases has dropped further and further, the children those numbers reflect have become less and less of an abstraction. When I open that Thursday email, I don’t wonder what number I’ll see. I wonder, was a child paralyzed this week or not?

We are so close to eradication – but there is so much work left to do.

This month, I ask every Rotary club to help End Polio Now by marking World Polio Day on 24 October. Last year, thousands of Rotary clubs around the world held events to raise awareness and funds for polio eradication. This year, we want to see more World Polio Day events registered than ever. If you have an event planned, be sure to register and promote it at endpolio.org so that more people can take part. If you haven’t planned one yet, it’s not too late – visit endpolio.org to find ideas, information on this year’s livestream, and resources to help your club organize a successful event.

World Polio Day is a tremendous opportunity for clubs to highlight Rotary, and our historic work to eradicate polio, in their own communities. It is also a great way to take advantage of the challenge from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: For every dollar that Rotary raises for polio eradication, the Gates Foundation will give two more. Join me, and Rotarians everywhere, on 24 October for World Polio Day – and Be the Inspiration for a polio-free world.





This should help with all those questions that I am getting at the moment as to where the funds from the Ch9/RAWCS/NFF Drought Appeal are going to.

Update on our RAWCS Project # 38-2018-2019 Rotary Districts 9700 and 9710

Donation Page:


Last week we applied to RAWCS/NFF for $250,000 for our two Districts for distribution in drought affected areas of our two Districts.

Our Committee is as follows and will stay this way unless:

CHAIR David Post Rural Outreach Counsellor and RC Wagga Wollundry D9700

AG Chris Finkel RC Forbes RAWCS D9700 Chair

PE John Mercer RC Belconnen RAWCS D9710 Chair

PP Peter Darley RC Orange North D9700

PP David Benn RC Wagga Wollundry Secretary D9700

PDG Bill Seelis RC Berry D9710

PDG Rob Woolley RC Canberra City D9710

DGE John McKenzie RC Orange North D9700 Service Projects Consultant D9700

PP Paul Murray RC Wagga Wollundry D9700 Communications Director D9700

PDG Phil Armstrong RC Moruya D9710

Project Managers DG Margaret Hassall D9710 and DG John Glassford D9700


G ‘day

September was an exceptionally busy month.  Mainly due to the Australian New Zealand Conference and Governor training in Hobart.  Susan and I also visited many clubs and attended the World Peace Day dinner in Cowra.

The drought appeal is taking up a lot of our resources in manpower right now and a report follows.  We have been given a RAWCS Project # to collect funds for the drought and to issue tax receipts.

Club visits are a lot of fun and we do have a wonderful team of Rotarians in our district and I hope that you all get to meet one another at the Griffith 2019 Conference March 29-31st 2019.  Please do not forget to send me your club conference convener, so far I only have 5 names in.

We will be holding the D9700 2018-2019 Club Presidents Forum and our D9700 AGM on Saturday 20th October in Young at the Ex-Services Club.  ALL Club Presidents are asked to attend or send their proxy if unable to attend in person.  This will be followed by a D9700 Board meeting in the afternoon.

Let me have any stories and photographs on whatever you are going to for World Polio Day October 24th.

Congratulations to Wagga Wollundry RC for their exceptional Gears and Beers weekend.  They had over 2,500 bike riders and raised a lot of money for the local Wagga Wagga community.  Story in this bulletin.

September DGJG Newsletter 03-18

Enjoy the next Rotary month of October which I call moving month, moving into your projects for 2018-2019, we have 9 months left to achieve our goals.  Have fun and above all be THE Inspiration!

Yours in Rotary

DG John Glassford

Governor 2018-2019 D9700

0498 190 880

DGJG August 02 Newsletter

Well August went fast too fast and hard to keep up with everything that is going on right now.  September is full of promise as Susan and I move around our clubs.  September is designated as Basic Education and Literacy month.  A good time to see where we can improve the lives of those that only need a hand up to a better life

Here is my Newsletter for August 2018:

August DGJG Newsletter 02-18

The highlight of the month of August was the The NSW Rotary Districts and Clubs Inspirational Women’s Awards 2018.  Hearty congratulations go to Elizabeth Russ and Deidre Moulden winners in their category and to the other two finalists in their category, Ruth Browne and Rochelle Ashcroft.  To Lynnette Bullen our D9700 Coordinator, our sincere thanks for the hard work leading up to this event



Above some of the members of my Rotary Club Coolamon with 30 members we are a small but very active club with a focus on our local community as well as working on an International scale in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Cambodia and Nepal.

DGJG is the first District Governor in Rotary International District 9700 from the Coolamon Rotary Club, which is now 46 years old.  You can read about DGJG here:

JG CV Rotary 2003-2017


Rotary International is an organisation for women, and for men.

It’s also an organisation dedicated to achieving equality for women around the world. We do this by helping women in local and global communities improve health standards, achieve economic independence, and provide better education.

Each year on this day March 8, thousands of events are held throughout the world to celebrate International Women’s Day to inspire women and celebrate their achievements and Rotary is playing an active role.

There’s nothing else like Rotary, come and join the conversation, help turn ideas into actions and meet a new network of friends by putting back into your community.

Rotary. Humanity in Motion.


This web site is one that I hope will help in learning about Rotary and what we do in our Rotary International District 9700.  The area we serve covers a large part of rural New South Wales from Bathurst and Oberon in the East to Condobolin in the West.  South West we have Griffith and South East Lockhart with Wagga Wagga and Orange as  major centres.  There are 39 Rotary Clubs and one Rotaract Club in District 9700.

Our official District 9700 web site is:


I also invite you to share this web site with your friends both Rotarians, Rotaractors and Non Rotary members.

I hope that you will enjoy taking part in this web site and feel free to contribute and join us as we grow Rotary.

Team 9700-Growing Rotary-Making a Difference.


The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster the development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service; in business, professions and community life; with the advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship.

Most people join local Rotary clubs because they want to establish additional friendships with like-minded people and to make an impact, first in their local community and then internationally.

It maybe for business reasons, social reasons or service reasons, but it’s still networking and developing friendships.  If this sounds like you come join us.