Drought Appeal

Tonight the D9700 Board met via Zoom and made the decision to support the drought appeal being conducted by:
Rotary Australia (RAWCS), Channel 9 and the National Farmers Federation, who have formed a partnership to raise funds for drought relief.
By support we mean to encourage our members to consider raising funds the best way each unique Rotary club in D9700 conducts their business.
District will provide other ideas for consideration, where we can support those affected, via a special committee to be set up this coming week.  This Special Committee will also be there to support and advise on all matters with this appeal.
We would like you to advise myself and our Secretary David Benn when you have a fund raising event.
I am involved in a Zoom meeting tomorrow morning with all the DGs in Australia who have been invited to hear the how that this partnership will distribute the funds.  RAWCS is the vehicle for donations and I am told it has reached $750,000 with a target to raise $10 million. 
Tomorrow morning Monday August 5th. from 5.30am on the Channel 9 TODAY Show the morning programme is dedicated to this campaign.
An email will be sent to everyone advising them of our decision tonight.  However please let everyone know at your next meeting.
Please let your members know that it was an easy decision to make, a no brainer.
Let us all get behind this initiative, thank you.
Yours in Rotary

John Glassford