Several of us from D9700 attended the 2018 Australia New Zealand Conference held in Hobart.  Also as part of the events was the Governor Elect Training Seminar (GETS) attended by DGE John McKenzie and Fayah McKenzie.

Also representing D9700 were DG John and Susan Glassford, PDG George and Carol Weston, PDG John and Maria Egan, PDG Irene and Terry Jones, PP Deidre and PP Phillip Tome, PP Clare Lawlor.

There was so much to see and do and above all learn.  The Governor Train or G’ Train as it is known get down a few days earlier for the GETS training.  The DGs and partners get together in their class years and on a separate night the D9700 delegates have dinner.  Next year the Australian New Zealand Conference is in Christchurch and everyone is welcome.

Above left to Right: Some of us came via the Spirit of Tasmania and most stayed on the Hobart waterfront it also snowed on Mount Wellington. DGJG with DG Lorraine Coffey from Armidale NSW and Evan Burrell.  The D9700 and D9710 combined dinner to welcome in District 9705.  The haka done by the Kiwi 2018-2019 DGs and not to be outdone PDG George Weston working his many computers!