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 My sincere apologies for missing last month’s DG news.  I do have a good alibi though called the Griffith 2019 Conference.  A full report in pictorial form can be found by clicking on the link in our club runner D9700 web site.  I have also included some comments from a few of the delegates to Griffith 2019.  322 delegates came to Griffith which is 80 more than the average of the past three conferences.  That is a 34% increase in attendance which we hope will help with the next D9700 conference, our last one as D9700, in Temora with DG John McKenzie and his team. 

DGJG March/April Newsletter

We still have two and a half months left for 2018-2019 to be The Inspiration!!!!  We have lost 12 members from July 1st 2018, to the present time.   Let us get active and inspire others to join this fabulous organisation we call Rotary.  It will not be long before we are less than 1,000 members (1,008 at present count).  Let’s together aim to improve our numbers so that we leave the District in a better shape than we started number wise. 

So plenty to do ahead of us, one area I would like to look at starting is a Rotary Means Business Fellowship.  Those who may want to join us here in this fellowship please give me a call or email me.  Keep being the inspiration as you prepare to hand over to the incoming President and Directors.  We look forward to seeing all of you who are involved in the District Assembly in Grenfell on May 25th. 

Yours in Rotary