DGJG May Newsletter


Well April came and went so fast. May is well under way and we look forward to the D9700 Learning and Training Assembly on Sunday May 26th at 9.30am. Venue the Grenfell High School. Please make sure that ALL your Directors attend this important part of our calendar. DGE John McKenzie looks forward to meeting you all in Grenfell. John will outline his plans for his team and you for 2019-2020. Membership is slipping for 2018-2019, we will be below 1,000 on July 1st unless we look at a serious push to increase our numbers. We all know that if we do not find more members to join us how much less that we can do for our communities and our Foundation. 

We still have 6-7 weeks to go so let us finish the year in a good state for our continued growth in 2019-2020. Changeover dinners are well under way and the majority of our clubs are set for their dinner or luncheon. The past month has been a busy one for most of us on committees, especially the Transition Management Team for our merger and the combined Drought Relief Committee of D9700 and D9705. Reports follow in this newsletter.    

The newsletter is can be found here. DGJG May Newsletter

Continue to Be Inspired and To Inspire those around you. DG John Glassford