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I am often asked what do we do in Rotary.  Times have changed and now we are based on fellowship friendship through ACTION.  It maybe locally, nationally or on and international scale.  Since 2005 Rotary International have created 25 plus Rotarian Action Groups, these groups offer a myriad of service opportunities for new and older members to join and make a difference.

One Rotarian Action Group that I started with a few other like minded Rotarains is the Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species or RAGES for short:


We look at ways to help save endangered species such as rhinos, elephants, lions, orangutans and many other areas where we are losing our heritage in the form of iconic species.

Our Patron is Dr. Dame Jane Goodall and if you want ACTION here is a group that is ACTION Based:

Baby Orangutans 4 Borneo Colgate

Here is a list of other Rotarian Action Groups that may be of interest to you:

Addiction Prevention

AIDS and Family Health

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Blindness Prevention

Blood Donation

Child Slavery




Disaster Assistance

Endangered Species

Environmental Sustainability

Food Plant Solutions

Health Education and Wellness


Hunger and Malnutrition



Mental Health

Microfinance and Community Development

Multiple sclerosis


Polio Survivors and Associates

Population and Development

Preconception Care

Water and Sanitation